Manifesting Money

Nov 14, 2023

Money is a direct reflection of who you think yourself to be in this reality. The more you believe the lies about who you are, the harder money is to create. The more you believe the truth, the easier it is to create. It’s that simple. Meaning you have to be ready to drop the story of who you believe you are -The Lucky One

         So, you have come to the financial shaman to learn about how to manifest money in this reality. Well, then you will need to follow me down a rabbit hole of thought. This rabbit hole is closely tied to my story. What this means is that you are going to have to be okay with me getting vulnerable with you about what I have been through to become the financial shaman. I’m rarely vulnerable like this in my writing but not only do I think it is time to share this story, but I want you to be prepared to go as far as I have to manifest money if you are serious about it.

         Let’s begin with the understanding that more money will not bring you more happiness in life. It is simply a trick of perception based on the feeling of being restricted by money. The limitation around money feels awful so you incorrectly but still naturally assume that more money will remove the awful feeling of not being able to have what you want when you want it. Happiness is not tied to money because happiness is an internal state of being, it is an emotion and is not tied to the physical world. You don’t have to go that far to find the rich miserable. If money brought happiness, how could the rich miserable exist and be so plentiful?

         This understanding brings us to a paradox. A paradox you must understand if you are going to manifest money. A paradox is simply a doorway or a problem that you must raise your consciousness level in order to solve. The problem is, to be able to manifest money you can’t want more money. Said differently, if you truly knew that money couldn’t buy happiness and happiness is what you actually wanted you would then seek unconditional happiness and therefore wouldn’t need or want to manifest money.

         To be able to manifest you must align your energy with the abundance frequency or vibrate the dominant feeling of abundance almost constantly. However, when you do this you know without a doubt that there is always enough money. Meaning you don’t need to manifest something that there is always enough of. You don’t need to manifest air if you can never run out, right? So then the abundance frequency knows why you want to learn to manifest, which is because you want more money, but the more you learn how to do that, the more you let go of the need to manifest money at all. She invites you in but then reveals to you that you didn’t actually want her all along.


Another Genie

         It is interesting to believe you know what is going on in this reality. You can never be one hundred percent sure, and this knowledge terrifies many people. It terrifies them so much that they lose curiosity and adopt self-righteousness. Believing you know what is going on feels better than not knowing and accepting that you don’t know. This is how the feelings associated with self-righteousness confuse people.

         To be curious you have to remain unsure. Remaining unsure of why there are so many terrible things in the world around you can make you feel powerless and unsafe. Then someone like me comes along and says that everything is okay. What is actually happening is heaven is masquerading as hell in order to play a game with you.

         As humans, I believe that most of us truly want to be happy all the time. I believe that if there was a way to find unconditional happiness in this life, most of us would take that chance and go find it. However, no matter how happy everyone wants to be all the time, once a year we put away happiness and want to be scared. This ritual is different everywhere but most consider it Halloween.

         What if you come from a place that is a never-ending Christmas? Like every single day is the equivalent of Christmas and your birthday combined with Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day because we party hard. How many eons of living like this do you think it would take for you to want to try something different? How many eternities of never-ending bliss would it take until you wanted to try a haunted house?

         When you are attempting to manifest money, these are the kinds of questions you are going to have to ask yourself because you have to thoroughly understand what manifesting is. Manifesting is the God-like ability to conjure whatever you imagine in physical reality. Essentially, whatever you want comes to be instantly. Understanding what manifesting is creates two more questions you must ask yourself. How do you know this God-like ability exists at all? Where did it come from within you that made you believe you could do this?

         Well, if you did originate from a heaven where this manifesting ability was as natural to you as breathing, then it would make sense to you that you could relearn this power. But then that leads us to the second question understanding manifesting brings up. Which is, if manifesting was indeed natural to your existence, why did you restrict this power from yourself? Why did you come here and consent to let go of this ability?

         These questions helped me evolve myself and my understanding of reality. Eventually, I came to understand that what money does is act as a substitute for our manifestation ability. If you had millions of dollars it would be fairly easy to imagine a thing or experience you wanted to have in this reality and go about making it happen with the millions. Meaning the less money you have, the less you remember you are God and the more you believe you are human.

         If all the humans of the Earth could fly like Superman then it would be hard to argue that we were not Gods playing a strange and different game. It would be the same if we had the ability to manifest our heart’s desires instantly. We couldn’t play the game of being human. Therefore, money is a substitute for this ability all so you can pretend to be human.

         The first thing the abundance frequency taught me about manifesting money is that the ability to manifest itself is like having a genie with unlimited wishes. So if money is a substitute for the genie and you learned the ability to manifest, why would you manifest the substitute? This would be like having a genie that grants infinite wishes and then wishing for yet another genie. That doesn’t make any sense.

         Said differently, if you could bring anything you wanted out of your imagination and into reality, why would it be money and not the thing want to buy with the money? If you could manifest anything why not just go straight for the mansion on the beach, the luxury car, your own plane, yacht, etc.? The only reason you would ever manifest money is if you were scared that the ability to manifest was going to leave you one day. That way you could have a store up reserve of manifesting power in order to make you feel safe.

         So this rabbit hole of thought brings us to yet another paradox. If the abundance frequency grants you the ability to manifest and you use that ability to manifest money, the ability will leave you because you are afraid and insecure. You are not ready to pick up the master carpenter’s tools when you still have fear of the hostile universe inside of you. Only when you are ready to believe that this is an unconditionally loving and supportive Universe will you be able to receive that support.

This world is but a canvas to our imagination -Henry David Thoreau


In Too Deep

         There came a point on my spiritual path where I realized I had been trapped by my own desires to escape my money problems. On the journey to becoming the financial shaman I was attempting to learn to manifest money for sure, but I was also attempting to learn how to be okay emotionally with whatever amount of money I have.

         I grew up poor and in one way or another, I felt like I was on a never-ending roller coaster with money. When I had a lot of it I wasn’t happy and when I didn’t have a lot of it I wasn’t happy. My life was seemingly dominated by this priority that overshadowed everything else. While I was sincerely attempting to learn how to manifest money I was also attempting to learn how to exorcise the demon of needing money at all.

         On the path of attempting to align with the abundance frequency, I learned how to talk to the frequency herself. I feel she has a feminine energy but that is just my personal opinion. I also learned how to differentiate between when my heart was speaking to me, the abundance frequency, or my ego. When I learned how to verify which one was speaking to me at any given moment, everything changed.

         The game switched and I recognized a parasite inside of me that needed to be healed. So I went about doing what I now teach others to do which is to unbrainwash poverty or heal the wounding that creates the ego. The ego is tied to all the trauma you have experienced or all the hostility of this world. It is not that much of a leap in logic to see that if there is still unhealed wounding then you will still believe the world is a scary and unsafe place.

         After all my trauma, trapped emotions, and core wound were healed I felt a lot better. But I also felt insane. I was full of self-doubt because no one had ever done what I was doing. When I would help people with what I was learning and practicing on myself, they would immediately feel better and we could see the difference in their lives but the imposter syndrome hit me hard. This is when I decided to step away from society and be with only myself.

         Then the day came when the abundance frequency told me I would need to become enlightened in order to manifest money or anything I wanted. “Enlightened,” I thought. “Are you fucking kidding me? You might as well tell me I need to learn to teleport.” I was brokenhearted but after a while, I realized I was pot-committed. I was in too deep to turn back now. I knew it could take years, a lifetime even, but eventually, I relented and just said, “If you teach me what to do I’ll do it.”

True self-acceptance shows up in that moment that you realize peace cannot co-exist with war. The moment you choose to stop being your own enemy and to love yourself instead -Rebecca Ray


The Exchange

         I imagine you’ve read all that and said to yourself, “Well fuck! So I guess you are not going to teach me how to manifest money in this short blog?” I will teach you something even more powerful if you remain open to it.

         The next time you want to manifest anything ask yourself what does that thing get in exchange for being in your existence? When people come to me and ask “How do I manifest a million dollars?” I will typically reply with “You have to ask yourself what does the million dollars get in exchange for being in your experience? What does the million dollars want from you?”

         There is a reason you withheld your ability to manifest from yourself. You will need to find that reason but before then let’s just replace manifestation for exchange. You will need to exchange with the abundance frequency. You will need to offer something it wants for something you want.

         Here is the secret. What the abundance frequency wants from everyone is the same thing. It wants you to find your heart’s calling and master it. You must follow your highest excitement until the calling shows itself. Then you have to spend the 10,000 hours required to master whatever your calling is. Then and only then will the abundance frequency exchange with you whatever you want for your services or products. You do not have to become enlightened, but you do have to become a master of your heart’s calling.

         Think of it like this, I can charge whatever I want for my services and abundance will match it. A five-star master chef can charge whatever they want for their dishes or meals. A master mechanic can charge whatever they want for their time spent on your vehicle. On and on we can find examples everywhere of masters getting paid whatever their heart desires.

         Let’s take money manifestation down off of the pedestal and replace it with your heart’s calling and mastery of that calling. This way it is not impossible but rather a step-by-step guide to wealth. On my journey to figure out how to manifest money, I ended up somewhere I did not intend. I guess most great journeys are like that. Isn’t your purpose for existing and mastering it something you would want to manifest anyway if you could?  

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others     -Mahatma Gandhi