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I Am Your Financial Shaman

Believing that your Creator would restrict its love from you for any reason is the greatest lie ever sold to humanity.


 The truth is that you are unconditionally loved at all times, no matter what.


There is nothing you could ever do or say that would stop Source from loving you.
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When you were a child, well-meaning adults who were doing their best attempted to prepare you for life in this physical reality by teaching you conditional love.

All teachers do this in different ways, “if you’re bad, you get a spanking, and if you’re good, you get a treat.”

This indoctrination into conditional love creates the chase for money, which is really the chase for your parents and God’s approval.

This creates a shattering of the self into many pieces—a kind of dividing of your original nature and a diluting of your power.


The ego story’s main theme is always the same. It is the unworthiness, not good enough, and non-deserving story.

Your ego tells you that you don’t deserve what you want so many times a day that it seeps into your subconscious mind. 

By believing you are not good enough, you will literally make it happen through unconscious habits. Your choices will be reduced to the ones that make this story true. 

Your heart and your emotional guidance system are begging you to come inside and listen to their wisdom.

The unconditional love within you is the key to your freedom. It is your ticket out of poverty, loneliness, and self-sabotage.     

Unconditional Love is the highest frequency, the greatest feeling, and another name for God.

My purpose is to realign you to this truth.

Fear, anxiety, and worry about money is attempting to bring you back to the wealth frequency.

You are not yourself when you are scared.

When you are afraid, you hurt yourself, your loved ones, and make decisions that perpetuate your suffering.

The fear of not having enough money continues your financial struggle because you are not processing the emotion and learning what it has to teach.

“It is not an exaggeration when I say that working with Larry changed my life, and quickly. By looking into my previously unseen beliefs around money, he helped bring light into areas of my life far beyond my relationship with money. This includes my relationships to my husband, child, and wider family; inherited beliefs passed down through family systems; and my beliefs in my own capacity in my creative and professional work.”

Kate Chavez

“I had the pleasure of working one-on-one with Larry Morrison two months ago, and since then many aspects of my life have shifted tremendously.  Larry guided me to look at my feelings and limited beliefs around receiving and being worthy, we talked directly to my inner child like I never had previously, and identified and lifted out old trauma and traded it for a clear message from God- all within an hour's time!”

Kimberly Grentz

“I’m Courtney, a 30 year old living in Toronto Canada and I have benefited sooo much from being a regular listener of your podcast. Your message just always resonates with me so much and has inspired me to follow my highest excitement and shift my thinking in big ways.”

Courtney Tracey