Relief From Financial Stress Is Here!


I Help You

  • Stop Resisting Financial Flow
  • Believe In Your Biggest Dreams
  • Learn Your Emotional Guidance System
  • Let Go Of Your Limiting Financial Beliefs
Larry Morrison The Financial Shaman




If you are ready to let go of Worry, Confusion, and Scarcity around Money then you have come to the right place


“Forget your preconceptions about money. When you work with Larry, you will come into a much different relationship around money and finance than you could possibly imagine. Doing this work is a recipe for freedom and abundance!”

— Mark Talbot

If you are looking for someone to help you gain clarity and results around all things money look no further than Larry Morrison. Since I started working with Larry the changes in my life have been profound. I began to develop an awareness of how my personal background has shaped my relationship to money. With Larry’s help, my wife and I have transformed money from a source of discord into a source of harmony, joy, and abundance in our relationship.

Robin Holloway

“I want to say thank you Larry for the three months of profound healing. Thank you for holding the safe, loving, and compassionate space for me and my inner child. Your presence gave me much-needed permission to feel, forgive and heal my past.”

— Noriko Tanigawa

Wealth Principles I Teach


Principle 1:  No Obligations - Less accumulation of stuff and more accumulation of experiences.

Principle 2:  The Heart's Calling - To be truly fulfilled you must find what you are put on Earth to do.

Principle 3:  The Tidal Wave - You cannot attract an abundance of money without unbrainwashing poverty.

Principle 4:  There's Always Enough - You must know without a doubt that you are always taken care of to feel wealthy.


Money Game Theory

Do Any Of These Feel Like You?


Constant Financial Stress – Are you tired of the constant anxiety around your finances and the feeling that you can never get ahead?

Worried About Your Future – Are you afraid of making a colossal financial mistake that could set you back years?

Working For Others – Are you tired of making money for other people, watching others get richer while you get poorer emotionally, spiritually, and monetarily?

Living In Mediocrity – Do you feel you were put on Earth for far more than you are currently living?

You Came Here For A Reason


You came here because you want to heal your money situation in some way, once and for all.

I have been in the financial world for over a decade, but it wasn’t until I did the deep work on my beliefs around money that I saw real lasting change.

No matter how much money I made for people, over the years it was never enough to give them lasting happiness. Now I give people the internal security that money never brings.

Are you ready to shift your relationship with money?


Are you open to looking at your perception of money before making financial decisions?


Do you have the strength to tear down what you have been taught about money and finances?


What if your life changes when you can connect your financial life to your spiritual life?


What Separates Me


You’re not going to hear the same old boring financial advice like:

All you need is a better budget

Max out your 401K

You need a side hustle

More money is going to solve all your problems

A better retirement is the #1 goal in life

You should have started investing years ago


Larry Morrison The Financial Shaman

What Is A Financial Shaman?


It simply means that instead of trying to fix your financial situation from the outside so that you feel better about money on the inside, we turn it around and create change from the inside out.

It means we are going to discuss the beliefs about money you picked up at a young age that might not be serving you any more.

It means we take a look at all the financial tragedies that make you afraid of money today.

Lastly, it means we no longer make money the way we measure happiness, fulfillment, or success in our lives.

Would You Like To Believe?


Everyone can align with the frequency of abundance

Everyone is worthy of wealth

Everyone can follow their hearts once they have permission

This is an unconditionally loving and supportive Universe

What I Teach


How to use every single negative emotion you have to transform your relationship with money.

How to attune yourself to the frequency of wealth by healing the deep wounds and letting go of the pain you’ve been carrying.

How to stop chasing money and start moving toward your highest excitement.

That the wisdom you seek to create financial abundance is inside of you waiting to be uncovered and unleashed.