No One Feels Loved When They Are Confused

Jul 20, 2023

When you are confused, it’s a blessing because in confusion a concept is being broken in your mind and a new concept is being formed. This is a sign of progress -Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Confusion simply means the fusing together of two contradictory concepts or perceptions. Imagine that two dog’s tails are tied together and they are trying to run in opposite or opposing directions. That’s confusion.

What happens inside the mind is the sensation of a spinning compass needle. Nothing makes sense, or at least nothing makes sense about a particular subject you are confused about. When nothing makes sense there is a blocking of energy. This is like a wall that stops you in your tracks.

Confusion blocks energy and all energy comes from Unconditional Love. Unconditional Love is the very fabric of Existence. It is the only thing in Existence. Meaning that when energy is blocked, love is blocked. Said differently, when you are confused, no love is getting to you. This makes you feel the vacuum of energy and you feel unloved or alone.

Think about it like this. Let’s say you are conversing with a group of friends or peers. One of them mentions an idea or concept they just read about concerning a subject you are somewhat familiar with. But this new idea, concept, or perception runs counter to what you know to be true. So it confuses you. Everything you are thinking about stops and you are caught like a fly in a web. The conversation that brought about the confusion is still going but you are lost in thought and not paying any attention to what is being said around you. You are unable to move past the confusion and even though the energy of the conversation could have moved onto a different subject, you are still stuck contemplating.

What the confusion does is make you feel isolated and alone by blocking the energy from flowing. You have only two options when this happens. You can either stop the conversation by stepping away to be alone with your thoughts and maybe research what was said or stop the conversation to ask questions about the thing you are confused about. In essence, you attempt to use curiosity to break through the wall in an attempt to get back to clarity of understanding. The only other option is to ignore the confusion and act as if you have clarity. Essentially you just go along with whatever the new perception is so as to not be isolated and ostracized from the group.

When you feel isolated because of the confusion that negative emotion of loneliness will drive you to attempt to fix the feeling outside of you by either blindly agreeing with the people around you or by stopping what you are doing to get clarity on the subject of confusion. What this means is that between these two options, there is one that will help you evolve and there is one that will not. Have you guessed which is which?

There is nothing wrong with stopping to get clarity. There is nothing wrong with asking questions. Unless you are afraid of what people think of you. When you are afraid of looking stupid in front of your peer group by asking questions and you just blindly agree, then you automatically feel stupid because you perceive the people around you understand more about life than you do. Making this choice in dealing with confusion will not help you grow; it will make you a lemming.

Financial Confusion

When energy is blocked you inherently feel unloved. You feel unloved by the people around you like the example above, but you also feel unloved by Source Energy. What a wonderful delusion to believe you can be unloved by Unconditional Love itself.

So what do you believe happens when a subject is inherently confusing? A subject that is complex and confusing like money will make you confused when you think about it. This causes a chain reaction. You are confused so you feel unloved and lonely. The loneliness triggers three different stories in your subconscious mind. They are “I’ll never figure this out” plus, “No one will love me if I can’t figure this out,” and “No one cares about me.” It is a cascade of stories that will compound the confusion.

This chain reaction happens every time you are confused if you don’t catch it. That said, these stories are typically tied to the thing you are confused about so that you don’t go insane every time you are confused.

So can you see the two paths people go down when it comes to financial confusion with clarity yet? They either stop and take the time to study the subject to clear up the confusion around it to the point where they feel they have enough clarity to continue with their life unencumbered by financial confusion or they go along with whatever the current financial expertise is telling them to do with their money.

Since the current mainstream financial expertise is telling people to save money, get out of debt, and work toward the goal of retirement, you can see how the average person is turned into a lemming by confusion. A subject as complex and confusing as money is going to have a vast majority of lemmings with only a few mavericks taking the subject head on. Since you are reading this, I’m guessing you fall into the maverick category.

Since you are a maverick like me I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Money is confusing for a reason. Because it is a doorway to enlightenment. A doorway to enlightenment will always be difficult. For reasons we can discuss at a later time, all the doorways to enlightenment are extremely challenging in order for you to become the highest and best version of yourself.

Doorways challenge you to evolve greater than ever before. Money does not obey simple rules. And while most people use it as a tool, the vast majority of people are used like tools for money by giving up their valuable life energy doing things they don’t love to do in exchange for money. Then they take their money and spending habits to professionals because they do not want to take on the challenge of understanding money and how it operates.

The next time you feel confused over money, maybe even while reading this, stop and examine what your mind does when you are confused and how you feel during the confusion. Awareness is always the key to change. I’ll give you another secret about money my fellow maverick, don’t think that more money will heal confusion or the contrast that more clarity around money will bring more of it into your life. Without knowing money’s purpose, more money is a curse.

Confusion is a word we have invented for an order that is not yet understood -Henry Miller

Money’s Purpose

         Money’s highest purpose is to get you to your highest purpose. If you make money your purpose, then you are lost in confusion. Said differently, if your sole purpose for doing something is for the money that is a sign that you are confused and do not know money’s purpose or your own.

         You will never be happy in this life, never truly happy, if you do not discover what you are put here to do. You have a purpose, what I refer to as the heart’s calling, and it will not be denied. It will drive you toward it or it will drive you mad. You cannot be happy in this world without understanding why you wanted to come here and experience it.

Until you find that heart’s calling and master whatever that purpose is, money will always be given to you in the exact amount you need. The amount you need, not want. Remember that without you living your purpose and being a master of it, more money is a curse, not a cure or salvation.

Let’s dissect this same truth but in reverse and think through it backward. Let’s imagine you have just won the lottery or received a huge windfall inheritance or something of that nature. What are you going to do? Of course, your imagination will run wild about going on fabulous trips, buying nice toys, taking care of loved ones, and maybe even supporting great humanitarian causes, but eventually, what do you do?

How long do you think it would take of doing nothing of true importance and just living lavishly before you got bored? Be honest with yourself because I’m not going to know your answer, nor is anyone, so take the time to contemplate it. How long do you think it will take before you eventually come to the question, “Okay now that I have all this money and have splurged like a kid who rarely gets candy just gorged themselves on Halloween, what do I do now? What am I supposed to do with this life?”

This game we call human life is a journey of self-discovery. Play is a very important part of this journey. Play has its own reason for being. It is the best kind of non-traditional meditation. When people imagine themselves with a windfall of money, they imagine getting this vital part of themselves returned to all its glory. However, play without purpose will eventually get boring here.

Play is best utilized here in the game of human life when it is balanced in harmony with your heart’s calling. When you love what you do you never work again. But even your calling can become like work if it is not balanced with play. Most people have no idea what their calling is and trade their time for money at a job. Then they balance the energy vacuum of hard work with too little play and almost no rest.

On the opposite side of the equation, you have the rich who can play all day if they want to but become miserable because they do not know their purpose or what purpose the fortune in their lives is meant to serve. So the money becomes a curse because play is not balanced with purpose. How confusing is it to see depressed and even suicidal billionaires given how much you’ve struggled for money in the past?

When most people go after abundance what they really want is their personal sovereignty. But how miserable would you be with tons of money and no sovereignty or sovereignty with very little money?             -The Lucky One

Always Enough

         I hope understanding money’s purpose will help you see that not having a windfall of money in your life is far better than having one. With it or without it you still have to come to the same question at some point. That question being, “What am I here to do? What is my heart’s calling or purpose for being on Earth?”

         The windfall of money and the journey of self-discovery share an interesting trait. Which is that both of them can be used to torture you. When you don’t know your heart’s calling and are reading this, you may feel that it is like torture not knowing. Think about those who made it to their deathbed never finding it. Some people discover their heart’s calling but never master it or never take the time to put their talents and calling into the world. So it stays buried and hidden away. Both of these are self-sabotage and torture.

         What is worse, to have an undeveloped gift of ability or to take the gift of ability and squander it? That is a question only you can answer for yourself. Your purpose is the same as money’s purpose in this way. If it is unknown to you then it becomes a curse.

         Well then, the thing you should be pondering now is, “Why is it that so many people think they need to accumulate a stockpile of money to go after their purpose?” That is a great question because it is introspective in nature. Do you believe that you need to accumulate and stockpile money before you move in the direction of your heart’s calling, or do you believe that money will be there to help you reach that calling?

         Here is where we come to more confusion. What if you have believed something your whole life and now an opposite or opposing point of view is presented to you? Most likely that will create confusion as your mind attempts to see how both opposing perceptions can exist.

         Do you remember the old analogy about perception? The one that says you can look at a glass of water filled to the middle and see it as either half empty or half full? This analogy denotes that if you can see both perceptions then you can make a choice between which perception serves you best. But you have to be able to see at least two perceptions before you can make this choice. If there is only one perception, there is no choice.

         That said, when two opposing perceptions are present it will be confusing to someone who has only seen one way to look at things their entire lives. Then when someone is presented with a new perception that opposes the only one they have ever known and confusion sets in by attempting to hold two opposing perceptions inside your mind, then we have the choice from earlier in how you deal with that confusion. Do you throw your hands up and say, “I’ll never figure this out,” or do you become curious in order to get clarity and dig in?

         Here are the two opposing points of view so pay attention to what happens in your mind if you become confused. The traditional financial model is to work hard at something you can make a decent living at and save up for retirement. Do go too far into debt and when you retire if your body and mind are still somewhat usable you can play as much as you want and maybe with the time you have left before death you can even find out why you wanted to come to Earth and make a hobby into a talent. The spiritual financial model is to let go of the idea of retirement because doing what you love means you don’t have to work or retire. As you search for and take the time to master your heart’s calling, the exact right amount of money you need will be there to sustain your life. After you master what you are put on this Earth to do then you will receive more than enough to play and thrive while giving your gift to the world.

         Just like with the glass of water analogy, it is completely your choice which perception or model you want to use. However, if you are switching models or have never really thought about what financial model you are on currently, you must allow yourself to be confused. When learning anything new and reaching the limit of your current knowledge, new concepts will be presented that will be unlike anything you currently know. Said differently, if it didn’t confuse you a little bit then you wouldn’t be growing and evolving.

Be messy and complicated and afraid and show up anyway -Glennon Doyle

True Wealth

         Wealth is alignment with the abundance frequency. What this means is that wealth is a feeling. That feeling comes to those who have clarity around money. These are the people who have found their purpose and have mastered it, thereby using the money for what it was designed to do. There is always enough for those going toward their heart’s calling.

         Confusion around money makes you feel unloved by God. It makes you feel not good enough which then in turn makes you perceive yourself as not good enough in life. As in, “I’m not making good enough money so I can’t fall in love and have kids. I can’t even think about dating right now until I get my finances under control.” Your confusion and blockage around money can easily seep into other areas of life if you are not careful.

         What would it take to approach confusion with curiosity and patience? Abundance always begins with an abundance of perceptions and an abundance of time. You need time to sort through perceptions and truly understand something.

         Can you be patient with yourself when you feel confused? Can you practice feeling confused and getting into the habit of taking a break from what it is you are confused about and focusing on something else like play? Can you give yourself an abundance of time to contemplate the two opposing or opposite perceptions that are competing with each other inside of you?

         Can you shift your default approach when dealing with confusion to curiosity? Can you be fearless and look stupid in order to ask questions and gain clarity? Isn’t clarity a far higher priority than attempting to control what others think of you?

         Most importantly, can you know you are loved when you are confused? Can you remain in the vibration of loving yourself while practicing learning new things and looking at things through new lenses of perception? Can you let yourself fall down without beating yourself up for it? Can you know that the confusion is happening FOR you, not TO you? Can you perceive confusion as an invitation to grow and practice choosing how you want to perceive your reality?

         True wealth could be considered as the ease through which you move through physical reality. Money is only one aspect of ease. The reason why you are doing something is of far greater importance than money, however. If you don’t know why you are doing something, then who is the one in control of your life or your decision-making?

         The best definition I have found of abundance is doing what you need to do when you need to do it. This definition presupposes that you know what you need to do. Said differently, if you don’t know why you are here in physical reality, how easy of a life are you going to have? If you don’t know what you are here to do, wouldn’t life being difficult be confusing for you? Or would you rather it be easy doing what you are not supposed to do?

         You are always loved unconditionally no matter what. The best name for God using the English language is Unconditional Love. Unconditional leaves nothing out. It can be confusing to think of Source Energy as Unconditional Love if you were raised to believe that God was judgmental or that there was no God and chaos theory is what reigns supreme. Hopefully, if God’s love being unconditional is confusing you now have a new way to approach that state of being.

Looking back we see with great clarity, and what once appeared as difficulties now reveal themselves as blessings -Dan Millman